Chakra Healing

Introduction to Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is the developing of all of the seven wheels of energy, which are spiritually found along the human spine, to give a human being complete health and happiness. However, in chakra healing people often overlook that we have ten bodies too, each with their own seven chakras that need to be developed.

The real start of all disease begins with the Ten Bodies on a spiritual level. This then penetrates the mental level, and finally manifests on the physical level. So, if you are unable to find out which of your bodies is weak, then you will miss the actual diagnosis of the disease. There are Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations to work on all aspects of your Ten Bodies which shall bring about complete chakra healing.

The First Body (Soul Body)

The First Body is the Soul Body. The soul is our timeless, unchanging and unlimited part of us that contains our foundational self, which is who we really are. It is our link to the Infinity within us.

Represents: Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Virtue: Humility

Weakness: Non-creative, Overly intellectual

Strength: Creative, Heart over head


A weak Soul Body results in a conflict between the head and heart, and we lack access to our creativity.


A strong Soul Body makes us heart centred, which guides us in all our decisions. It unlocks a creative flow within us and allows us to become humble and pure.

The Second Body (Negative Mind)

The Second Body is the Negative Mind, which calculates risk, and is protective. It gives form to the Soul Body by keeping it contained and provides us with patience to listen to our inner guidance. It gives us a longing to belong, which allows us to connect deeply within.

Represents: Guru Angad Dev Ji

Virtue: Obedience

Weakness: Restricted, Cannot calculate danger

Strength: Contained, Calculates danger


A weak Negative Mind means a person is unable to calculate the danger in situations, which may lead to getting into destructive relationships to fulfil the longing to belong, because of a lack of centeredness.


A strong Negative Mind allows the calculation of danger in any situation, which provides the platform to become disciplined and develop conscious relationships of integrity.

The Third Body (Positive Mind)

The Third Body is the Positive Mind, which calculates benefit, and is projective. It allows us to see the positive in all situations of life and in other people. It allows a person to become open to the opportunities life has to offer and provides a strong will to succeed.

Represents: Guru Amar Das Ji

Virtue: Equality

Weakness: Poisonous thought, No boundaries

Strength: Expansive, Spreads light


A weak Positive Mind is open to input from the Negative Mind which creates depression, anger and intolerance. It causes hesitance in using your energy.


A strong Positive Mind creates positive thought, action and equality. It makes our communication powerful and inspiring.

The Fourth Body (Neutral Mind)

The Fourth Body is the Neutral Mind, which compares risk and benefit from the Negative Mind and Positive Mind, and is meditative. It allows for neutral decision making through intuition, and provides guidance within nine seconds.

Represents: Guru Ram Das Ji

Virtue: Service

Weakness: Opinionated, Reactive

Strength: Neutral, Responsive


A weak Neutral Mind makes it hard to make decisions and hard to stay detached from them. It makes a person reactive and unable to follow their inner wisdom.


A strong Neutral Mind gives us compassion and a win-win mentality, making us neutral and objective in decision making.

The Fifth Body (Physical Body)

The Fifth Body is the Physical Body, which is the temple of God that allows the other bodies to perform. It creates the complete balance of life.

Represents: Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Virtue: Self-sacrifice

Weakness: Jealous, Greedy

Strength: Balance, Ability to sacrifice


A weak Physical Body creates jealously, anger and greediness. We find it hard to express ourselves verbally and are afraid to teach.


A strong Physical Body allows a person to teach effectively and use our strength and assets for the good of all.

The Sixth Body (Arc Line)

The Sixth Body is the Arc Line, which is our halo of projection and radiance which creates balance between the physical and cosmic realms. It is nucleus of the Auric Body, and provides focus, concentration and intuition.

Represents: Guru Hargobind Ji

Virtue: Justice

Weakness: Over protective, Gullible

Strength: Focused, Intuitive


A weak Arc Line allows us to become easily influenced and over protective, since there is no focus or intuition for protection.


A strong Arc Line creates a person of prayer, protects the heart centre, and provides nervous system and glandular balance. It allows a person to manifest whatever they wish for in their life.

The Seventh Body (Auric Body)

The Seventh Body is the Auric Body or Aura, which is the electromagnetic field surrounding the Physical Body. Its our shield that attracts positivism and repels negativity, allowing mastery of life’s situations.

Represents: Guru Har Rai Ji

Virtue: Mercy

Weakness: Paranoid, Lack of self-trust

Strength: Uplifting, Nurturing


A weak Auric Body causes negativity to be able to penetrate into your psyche and your Physical Body, which can cause illness, paranoia and lack of self-trust.


A strong Auric Body does not allow any negativity, and stops illness from entering your body as well as making you secure, confident and allow you to uplift others.

The Eighth Body (Pranic Body)

The Eighth Body is the Pranic Body, which brings the life force and energy into your system. All disease starts at the Pranic Body, so mastery of it eliminates disease and gives mind control. Mastering this body also gives mastery of the Negative Mind, Positive Mind and Neutral Mind.

Represents: Guru Har Krishan Ji

Virtue: Purity

Weakness: Fearful, Lazy

Strength: Fearless, Motivated


A weak Pranic Body causes chronic fatigue, laziness and fear to embrace life.


A strong Pranic Body gives energy to fulfil all goals, provides deep relaxation and self motivation.

The Ninth Body (Subtle Body)

The ninth body is the Subtle Body, which allows a person to become sensitive and intuitive to what is really going on in a situation. It is connected to the Soul Body and mastery of it makes life no longer a mystery.

Represents: Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

Virtue: Tranquillity

Weakness: Gullible, Oblivious

Strength: Intuitive, Sensitive


A weak Subtle Body makes a person easily fooled, oblivious and rough in speech and behaviour.


A strong Subtle Body creates immense tranquillity in being and can allow a person to master any situation quickly.

The Tenth Body (Radiant Body)

The Tenth Body is the Radiant Body or ‘One-Plus’ Body, and mastery of this body gives magnetic attraction with an ‘all or nothing’ attitude, as well as spiritual royalty, radiance and courage in all facets of life.

Represents: Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Virtue: Royal Courage

Weakness: Shy, Vulnerable

Strength: Noble, Unbeatable


A weak Radiant Body makes a person scared of conflict, responsibility and attention.


A strong Radiant Body gives one commitment, courage and respect of all who know them. They become noble and unbeatable in all life’s situations.

The Eleventh Body (Infinity)

There is no Eleventh Body, however it is the accumulation and mastery of all the other bodies and is the infinity of the Word, the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the Sikh Holy Scripture. The Ten Bodies represent a perfect human being, but the Word has taken the perfect being one step further to allow infinity to flow through us, making it the most subtle and powerful of all the bodies. When in this state of pure consciousness, a person may direct the ten bodies at will and recognises God in all. However, those with too much ego may misuse their spiritual power and become fanatics. “When the God in you, and the human in you are in parallel unisonness, then you are an 11” (Yogi Bhajan).

Represents: Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Virtue: Infinity

Weakness: Fanaticism, Intolerance

Strength: Mastery, Tolerance

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