Sikh Names Meanings

Introduction to Sikh Names Meaning

In Sikhism your spiritual name is important because it is a reminder of your higher identity, destiny and the unique qualities that you have been gifted by God to help raise the consciousness of the people in your community. Here is a small list of Sikh names and their meanings:


Abinaash – Eternal, immortal

Agamjot – God’s light

Agampreet – The lover of God

Ajaib – Wondrous Being

Ajeet – Invincible, unconquerable

Akal – Timeless

Akal Keerat – One who sings God’s praises

Akalbir – God’s immortal warrior

Akaldeep –  The Eternal Lamp, God’s Lamp

Akaljot – The Eternal Light, God’s Light


Bachittar – A person with wondrous merits

Bahadar – One who is brave and courageous

Bakhsheesh – The blessed one

Balbir – Mighty and brave

Baldev – The mighty god

Baljeet – Mighty victorious

Balraj – Mighty king

Baltej – One with glorious might

Balvan – Powerful and mighty

Beant – Endless, limitless, boundless


Chann – Beauteous, beloved

Channan – Full of fragrance like sandalwood

Charan – A humble person

Charanjeet – Winning the service of Guru’s Feet

Charanjot – Light of Guru’s Lotus Feet

Charanpal – Protection under Guru’s Lotus Feet

Charanpreet – One who loves the Lord’s Lotus Feet

Chitleen – One absorbed in awareness


Dalbir – The brave soldier

Daljeet –  The conqueror of forces

Darshanbir – Vision of exalted bravery

Darvesh – Humble, religious, gentleman

Deenpal – The protector of the helpless

Deep – The lamp of light

Deepinder – Light of God

Devindar –  The king of gods

Dhann – The blessed one

Dharam – The righteous and religious person

Dharamjot – Light of righteousness and virtues

Dharamleen – One absorbed in righteousness


Esharveer – God’s warrior


Fakeer – A saintly person

Fateh – The victorious one

Fatehpal – The protector of victory


Gagandeep – Light of the sky

Gaganjot – Light of the sky

Gatleen – Merged in freedom

Gatnam – Liberated through Naam

Gatsharan – Liberated by taking shelter of Guru

Gharcheen – One who realizes the Home within

Giaan – One with divine knowledge

Giaandeep – Lamp of divine knowledge

Giaanleen – One absorbed in divine light


Harbhajan – A devotee absorbed in God’s song

Harbir – Warrior of God

Harchanan – God’s Light

Harcharan – One who shelters in God’s Lotus Feet

Hardas – Slave of God

Hardeep – Lamp of God

Hardit – Given by God


Ikhtiar – Master

Ikjot – The One light, God’s light

Ikroop – Oneness with God

Indirjeet – One who wins the love of God

Indirjot – God’s Light

Indirpreet – Lover of God

Indirveer – God’s warrior


Jagdesh –  The Lord provider of the world

Jagmohan – One who captivates the world

Jai – The victorious one

Jaipal – Victory of the Provider

Jaipreet – The victory of love

Jeet – Victorious

Jeevan – Life-giving, full of life

Jodh – The brave warrior

Jogindar – Establishing union with God

Jujhar – The tenacious warrior


Kamaljot – One who, like the lotus is unsoiled

Karam – On whom there is God’s Grace

Karamdeep – Lamp of God’s Grace

Karamjot – Light of God’s Grace

Karampreet – The lover of God’s Grace

Kartar – Creative like God

Keerat – One who sings glories of God

Khalsa – The pure one

Khushpreet – Loving and delightful

Khushwant – A life filled with happiness

Kirpal – One who is kind, merciful

Kuldeep – The lamp of the family


Lakhbir – As brave as a hundred thousand

Livdeep – Absorbed in the Lamp of Light

Livjot – Absorbed in the Light of God

Livleen – Absorbed in adoration of God

Livpreet – Absorbed in the love of God

Livroop – Embodiment of absorption in God

Livsharan – Absorbed in the Lotus Feet of God


Mahaan – A great person

Mahindar – God of gods

Mahtab – Light of moon

Mandeep – Light of sages

Manjit – The one who controls the mind

Mansukh – One with peace of mind; happy one

Maskeen – The humble one

Mastaan – Intoxicated with the Elixir of God

Mastveer – Carefree and brave

Mohan –  Beauteous, attractive

Mohanbir – Beauteous and brave


Nageena – Diamond, great

Namdev – A godly person absorbed in Naam

Namgeet – One whose life is the song of Naam

Namjas – One who sings praises of Naam

Namjeev – One who lives absorbed in Naam

Namjot – The light of Naam

Namleen – Absorbed in the Lord’s Essence

Nampreet – One who loves the Lord’s Being

Narain – A Godly person

Nirman – The egoless, humble

Nirvair – One who is without enmity


Omaha – A person in great joy, rapture

Onkar – The Primal Being


Parambir – The greatest of warriors

Paramdeep – The Lamp of the Divine

Paramdesh – The highest god

Paramdev – A godly person

Paramgeet – The highest song of Bliss

Paramjit – Supremely victorious

Paramjog – One uniting with the Highest

Paramjot – The highest light, God’s light

Paramleen – Absorbed in the Highest, God

Partap – One of exalted glory

Patveer – The respected brave one

Patwant – Respectable, honourable, elite

Pavitar – The holy person


Rajbir – The warrior of the kingdom

Rajindar – The king of god of gods

Rajpal – The protector king

Rajveer – The warrior or hero of the kingdom

Ramandeep – Absorbed in the Light of Lord’s Love

Rambir – Warrior of God

Ramdas – Servant of God, slave of God

Ramdeep – Lamp of All-Pervading God

Ramgeet – Song of the All-Pervading God

Ramindar – Absorbed in the Lord

Ramjeet – The winner of God’s Love

Randeep – The lamp (hero) of the battle

Ranga – One who is coloured in Naam


Sachdev – Truly Godly person

Sachdhian – Absorbed in the True One

Sachgian – Having the True Knowledge

Sachkeerat – Singing the praises of God

Sachleen – The one absorbed in Truth, in God

Sachman – True at heart

Sachpreet – The true love, the love of God

Sachsev – Servant of Truthy, True servant

Sachsukh – One who attains true peace

Sachveer – Bravely upholding the Truth

Sadhu – Saintly person

Saihaj – Peaceful and blissful person

Sangat – Associating with holy congregation

Sant – Saintly person

Santa – Exalted person

Santokh – Contented, peaceful, and patient

Sarabdeep – The lamp that gives light to all


Takdeer – Of great fortune

Takhat – Master of the empire

Talib – The seeker of Truth

Taran – The saviour of all

Tatleen – One absorbed in the Ultimate Truth

Tegbir – The brave warrior wielding the sword

Tegh – The wielder of the sword

Tejbir – The glory of the brave one

Tekroop – The embodiment of God’s support

Thakur – Master

Thalbir – The brave warrior

Triman – One worshipped in the three worlds


Udai – Rising to fame and honour

Udaijot – The rising light

Uddam – One who strives, makes effort

Ujaagar – Famous, renowned person

Ujaala – One who radiates the light

Ujjal – Bright, clean, holy person

Ujjalroop – A pure and beauteous person

Updes – One who preaches and counsels

Upjeet – Of exalted victory

Upkaar – One who helps and serves others

Upkeerat – Of exalted glory and praises

Upraj – The noble king

Uttam – High, exalted, excellent person

Uttamjodh – The exalted warrior

Uttamjot – The exalted, divine light

Uttamleen – Immersed in the Love of Divine

Uttampreet – Exalted love; love of the Divine

Uttamreet – Exalted way of life

Uttamroop – Of beauteous form

Uttamveer – The exalted bravery and courage


Variam – The brave one

Veer – A brave person

Veerindar – A brave godly person

Vicharleen – Absorbed in reflection


Yadleen – One absorbed in God’s remembrance

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